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Lesson Plans

Please remember that plans do change, so, any announcement in class takes precedent over these notes.

Parents, as you check your student’s grades you might notice an assignment as missing if the there is an * beside it that means that the assignment has either not been graded yet or I have not yet posted it. If there a "0" beside it the assignment has been graded and the student did not turn in the assignment either in class or through the Homework Completion Program and the grade will stand as such. I hope this clears up any questions or misunderstandings.

8th Grade History/Enrichment  Syllabus /Evidence Analysis

Lesson Plans 2018/2019

8th Grade History/Enrichment  Syllabus

U.S. History Kansas History Standards Copy

U.S. History Standards “Establishing America: 1787-1830s”

08.14 Discuss Student Handbook

08.15 Student’s copy class syllabus, link found above (Copy)

08.16 Ks. Social Studies Standards & Student Notebook Instructions Link

08.17 No School Old Settler’s

08.20 "Three Steps to writing a better History Essay" You-Tube Video

08.21.- "What is History?” Link

08.22-27 Passenger List

08.27 Passenger List Assessment & “What is History?” Quiz

08.28-08.30 King Philips War

08.31 No School Prof. Day

09.03 Labor Day No School

09.04 KPW catch up.

09.05 Guiding Questions Due

09.06 Begin Stamp Act Video “French and Indian War Explained

           Class Notes

09.07 Video “French & Indian War changes fate of America

09.10-09.11 Sourcing

09.12 Assessment

09.12  Stamp Act Assessment

Boston Massacre

09.13 Video “Boston Massacre Explained

09.17 Power Point Notes, Link   Power Point Images Link

09.18-Document Sourcing Due Grade in Class

09.19 Assessment

09.20 Loyalists video “Patriots & Loyalists You Tube, Power Point Notes,Link begin Sourcing.

09.21 Sourcing

09.24 Assessment

09.25 Lexington Video April Morning, Power Point notes Link

09.26 Image Analysis 

09.27 Image Analysis wrap-up

09.28 Begin Sourcing

10.01 Sourcing Due

10.02 Assessment

10.03 Declaration of Independence Video “Clean Version of An Idiots Guide to the Dec. of Ind.

 Begin Power Point on Grievances. Link

10.04 Finish Grievances P.P.

10.05 Grievances Wk. sht. due end of class

10.08 & 10.10 Compare & Contrast

10.11 Assessment.

10.12 End 1st 9 Wks

10.16 Begin Shays’ Rebellion Video “Articles of the Confederation Explained” You Tube

         Power Point Notes Link

10.17 Video “Shay’s Reb. Explained” You Tube. Textbook Passage; answer questions in class Link

10.18 Jefferson’s letter on Shays’ Guiding Questions

10.19 Guiding Questions graded in class.

10.22 Shays’ Reb. Assessment

10.23 Federalists/Anti-Federalist- Vide “Constitutional Convention of 1787 for Dummies” 

10.24 Smith/Hamilton Graphic Organizer Due EOC

10.25 No Class Parent/Teacher Conferences 7:30-11:00 AM

10.26 No School Conference Comp Day.

10.29 Fed/Anti-Fed Assessment

10.30 Slavery in the Constitution Video “Slavery in the Constitution”

         Begin Slavery Grievance Sheet.

10.31 Go over Grievance Guiding Questions in Class.

11.01 Begin Slavery Docs. & Graphic Organizer

11.02 Graphic Organizer Due in class

11.05 Slavery in the Constitution Assessment

11.05 Second Middle Passage; Video “Atlantic Slave Trade Crash Course,”   

          P.P. slides 1-5 Link

11.06 P.P. slides 6-9 & Time Line Link

11.07 Doc. A & G. Q

11.08 Doc. B & C

11.09 Doc. D-G.Q. Due E.O.C.

11.12 Assessment

11.13 Louisiana Purchase; Video “Thomas Jefferson, the Louisiana Purchase and the Constitution.” Timeline P.P.Link

11.14 Doc A Guiding Questions

11.15 Doc B Guiding Questions Due End of Class

11.16 Video "The Making of a Nation Lewis & Clark"

11.19 Lewis & Clark; Video “Lewis & Clark an American Adventure.” P.P slides 1 &2

11.20 Slides 3-6 Link to all Notes

11.26 Handout Documents & Guiding Questions

11.27 Documents & Guiding Questions

11.28 Documents & Guiding Questions

11. 29 Lewis & Clark Assessment


11.30 Indian Removal; Videos “Trail of tears & Indian Removal Act Explained” Power Point Timeline Link

12.03 Power Point Slides 6-10 Link

12.04 Doc A & B + Guiding Questions

12.05 Map Exercise Link

12.06 Indian Removal Assessment

12.07 Texas Independence; Video “Texas Revolution Explained” P.P. slides Link

12.10 Docs. A & B and Graphic Organizer

12.11 Docs. C & D Graphic Organizer Due.

12.14 Texas Assessment

12.13 Manifest Destiny; Video “Manifest Destiny Explained” Power Point Link

12.14 Student Notebooks Due ,Symbolism found in John Gast’s “American Progress,” 1872

12.17 Go over symbolism assignment in class.

12.18 Make-up Day

12.19 Reindeer Games End of 1st Semester


01.03 Manifest Destiny Guiding Questions

01.04 Review Textbook p.365

01.07 Manifest Destiny Assessment

01.08 California Gold Rush, Video “The Gold Rush, California History

          Begin Timeline

01.09 Finish Timeline begin Power Point Link

01.10 Picture Analysis/Text Assignment Read pp. 370 & 380

-Critical Thing Quest. p.379

- Political Cartoon  p. 380

-Questions #2 & #4 p. 382

01.11 Doc. A & Guiding Quest.

01.14 Doc B Guiding Quest due

O1.15 Gold Rush Assessment

01.16 Begin Nat Turner, Video “Nat Turner Rebellion Explained,” begin timeline, Power Point. Link

01.17 Textbook read p.410-411; Primary Source p.410 & Critical Thinking, Reading Check p.411.

01.18 Handout Guiding Questions and Doc. A

01.21 No School MLK Day

01.22 Doc. B

01.23 Doc C & Guiding Questions Due

01.24 Nat Turner Assessment.

01.25 Begin John Brown















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